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Posted: December 26, 2009 in Music
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The 2009 compilation — called UP and DOWN — is now available for download. In the spirit of consuming less physical resources, this is the digital distribution; download and burn at your convenience. There are two discs, each of which will fit on an 80 minute audio CD, so feel free to rip your own copies for the car, boat, etc.

For those of you not familiar with my DJ Lurk persona and his obsessive music hobby, he is in the habit of releasing a compilation of the songs, both old and new, that topped his personal charts over the course of a year. Since it is boring to include the same old version you hear all the time, extensive work has gone into hand-selecting face-melting remix versions, so even if you can’t stand Katy Perry or Natasha Bedingfield, give it a whirl anyways. Enjoy!

You can download the zip file here (right-click and save as…231.4mb).


01 Steve Jablonsky – Decepticons
02 Depeche Mode – Walking in My Shoes (Ambient Whale Version)
03 Oasis – Wonderwall (Full Tilt Remix)
04 Coldplay – Life in Technicolor
05 Maroon 5 – Wake Up Call (Ultimix)
06 T.I. featuring Rihanna – Live Your Life (Ultimix)
07 Keri Hilson featuring Lil Wayne – Turnin’ Me On
08 Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West and Common – Make Her Say
09 The Fixxers – Can U Werk Wit Dat (Funkymix)
10 Ray J featuring Yung Berg – Sexy Can I (R.E.E.O. Mix)
11 David Banner featuring Chris Brown – Get Like Me (Funkymix)
12 50 Cent vs Nine Inch Nails – In Da Club (Scooter’s Closer Mix)
13 Fergie vs The Violent Femmes – London Bridge (DJ Yoda’s Blister in the Sun Mix)
14 DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Megamix
15 Lonely Planet featuring T-Pain – I’m On a Boat
16 LMFAO – Girl Can’t Help It (Funkymix)
17 Lady Gaga – Poker Face (X-Mix)
18 P!nk – So What (Ultimix)

01 Peter Luts and Dominico – What a Feeling (X-Mix)
02 Eric Prydz – Call on Me (Radio Edit)
03 Keri Hilson – Energy (Ultimix)
04 Beyonce – Diva (Red Top Mix)
05 Nadia Ali – Fine Print (Serge Deviant Radio Edit)
06 Katy Perry – Waking Up in Vegas (Manhattan Clique Bellagio Remix)
07 Nic Chagall featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Moment (Prog Mix Live Edit)
08 Tiesto and Sneaky Sound System – I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
09 Frou Frou – Breathe In (Watkins Vocal Mix)
10 Chicane vs Natasha Bedingfield – Bruised Water (Michael Woods Full Vocal Mix)
11 R.E.M. – The Great Beyond (Hybrid Mix)
12 Underworld – Rez-Cowgirl (Live at Creamfields 2003)

Compilation is (C) 2009 Impeccable Taste, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS. Special thanks to S.A.T., Delvin, BunnyKitty, Woodweaver, T-Boz, DJ Yoda, Scooter, Radio 1’s Essential Mix, Pete Tong, The Green Teem, and all of you who move and inspire.

Some tracks just resonate with you. These are the ones that get stuck in your head, or you find yourself quoting lyrics from them, or — the most telling tale — you keep playing them over and over again because they move and inspire, as Landmark Education would describe this feeling. That’s why I make “compilations” of tunes every year; even the year I said I was going to stop making compilations, I made a compilation. I just didn’t make physical copies with custom covers and inserts and liner notes, which takes hours and days and months to perfect, in 2008 or — most likely — in 2009. I give them away for free because they’re my way of communicating. It’s a way to say something along the lines of “here’s what I played for myself all of this year; hope you like some of it” in a palpable format.

What’s a real trip is letting this sink in: I have been making these compilations every year for 12+ years now. That is just a count of the official, main compilations; sometimes more than one disc, but always tuned to fit on an audio CD (OK the Old Skool Hip Hop McGee Mix can’t, but there are always exceptions). There are adjunct comps, live mixes, bootlegs, extra cuts that couldn’t quite make it, times I didn’t record while spinning to an international audience on the Mordenkainen’s Parlour stream, and practice stuff — some of which I recorded and some of which I didn’t.

When engaged in the constant act of choosing music you like for 12+ years on a day-by-day basis, you know what you like and what you don’t like. Everybody does that. That is why everybody is a DJ. The crucial difference is that I recorded it. This fact sets me apart from the rest of the amateur record-scratchers and mix-tapers. Why don’t you go pull out one of your old mix tapes or CDs, or an old .m3u playlist and try to understand what you were thinking about when you felt passionate — or bored — enough to actually press the record button and pick some songs in a particular order. Or did you give them all away to potential booty calls?

Songs become old friends when you play them enough. Ensconced between the lyrics and the bassline, the drums and the swells, a personal soundtrack has embedded itself into the fabric of the music. Playing certain tracks is evocative to you in a way that nobody else is going to get just like you. Sharing these particular musical missives with others is, I believe, a fundamental art form. That’s why I do it.

So when I spend hours listening to my compilations, in order or on shuffle play, it has become something akin to going to church. The best way that I can be a Shaman for everyone is to bring something back; that is certain compositions of music, perhaps in a certain order. I love these sermons. Because I recorded them myself of myself in space and time. When I press record, I realize that it is a positive, creative, wonderful thing that I have the cojones to take a deep breath and go live for posterity.