Posted: July 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

I refer to my Virtual Lilypad more often than I expect to. It is not a healthy blog if it isn’t updated regularly. Every time I visit I have to be faced with my last post remembering my murdered baby Mallory. You wouldn’t know that he is back as the murderous 8-lived she-devil kitlet Murron. Her brother Haemish plays in a Skype D&D campaign as a 18″ tall Compsognathus that eats Kobolds for breakfast, and in person, is a savage ham-and-cheese-sandwich. Since I have to be my own hype man, here’s a more current post.


  • Cadence — say something on the reg
  • Bite-Sized — “write and be prolific / not everything written is monolithic” ~Michael Murdoch
  • Historical — blog definition: timestamp, content

My current project is dope as fuck: I took my Top 10 Albums post and compiled them in a folder in order. These are my Desert Island tracks that I couldn’t live without. Obviously there needs to be a 2020 update, but putting the entire folder on shuffle play is amazing and inspiring. Lots of #feels for sure, but a self-tuned playlist for myself.

I recommend that everyone try it, especially if you love music as much as I do. It’s nice to do a bunch of sequential Facebook posts about what albums are special, and tag people — I get it. Try building yourself a Top 10 GOAT comp locally and put it on shuffle play. Try mine. I’ll certainly check yours out.


  1. 14ngr15t says:

    Will definitely check these out!

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