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Posted: July 14, 1995 in Poetry
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Used to have a bunch of questions;
Now I accept no answers
Except my own generalizations
And assumptions.
People only answer why
From children who ask
And then they lie.
They don’t know themselves.
Growing up and becoming an adult
Is learning the art of fast talk.
It is the difference between fooling
And being fooled.
I used to wonder what it was like
Until I found myself answering more questions
Than I asked.


Posted: July 9, 1995 in Poetry
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I should listen to the sea
‘Cause I’m never turning back
I’m not who I used to be
And I’m never going home.
I’m so hard upon myself
I cannot seem to learn.
At the bottom of the well,
I sit and shiver in my bones.
I really don’t know who I am;
I’m busy being someone else.
Trying on my different masks,
I lose my sense of what is real.
So I sit and hold my head
What I’ve done can haunt me still
Remember wishing you were dead?
Now how do you feel?