Soundwave’s Old Skool Hip Hop Mix

For a while, DJ Lurk was part of the tag-team called The Deceptikons, who released a number of the notorious Xmas compilation CDs. There was an extra slot for a CD on a three-disc compilation called Universal that had Past, Present, and Future discs — you could only package in single, double, and quad CD cases. DJ Lurk went bananas to try to craft a set that would crush in your environment — dorm room. dance floor, the avenue — and capture that flavor of the four elements of hip hop, and then stuck it in that fourth slot in the case as a bonus. Three hours of seamless memories.

This is some of the best mixing DJ Lurk has ever done, from selection to timing to technique. It’s like the Palmolive of retrospectives: you’re soaking in it.


The background to Universal is an original painting by Fyrefayre called “Sad Elephant”

Soundwave’s Old Skool Hip Hop Mix

Download: Soundwave – Excursion 5-22-2006 Old Skool Hip Hop Mix

DJ Lurk built custom CDs for this particular mix, certainly one of his best in terms of beat matching technique, including ripping several from vinyl in order to include them in his vision of hip hop history.


1) Rachid Taha — Barra Barra (from the Black Hawk Down soundtrack)

2) Panjabi MC featuring Jay-Z — Beware of the Boys (Funkymix)

3) Ludacris – Area Codes (DJ A2B Remix)

4) Paperboy — Ditty (Funkymix)

5) Onyx — Slam! (Ultimix)

6) Cypress Hill — Insane in the Brain (Beavis and Butthead Funkymix)

7) Ice Cube featuring Das Efx — Check Yourself (Radio Remix ‘The Message’)

8) Das Efx — They Want Efx (Funkymix)

9) Young MC — Principal’s Office (Impact Remix)*

10) De La Soul featuring Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Monie Love and Queen Latifa — Buddy (12″ Remix)

11) Doug E. Fresh featuring Slick Rick — The Show (Ultimix)

12) Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince — Megamix

13) NWA – Express Yourself (Extended Mix)*

14) Snoop Dogg featuring Dr Dre and Nate Dogg — The Next Episode (Funkymix)

15) Snoop Dogg — Gin and Juice (Wicked Mix)

16) Eazy E — Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix)

17) Digital Underground — Freaks of the Industry (Ultimix)

18) Sir Mix-a-Lot — Posse on Broadway (The Godzilla Mix)*

19) Run DMC — Megamix

20) Black Sheep — The Choice is Yours (Funkymix)

21) Beastie Boys — Shake Your Rump / Hey Ladies (Funkymix)

22) Positive K — I Got a Man (Ultimix)

23) Public Enemy — Night of the Living Bassheads (Anti-High Blood Pressure Encounter Mix)*

24) Missy Elliott featuring 50 Cent — Work It (Remix)

25) Skee Lo — I Wish (Funkymix)

26) Naughty by Nature featuring Zhane — Jamboree (DJeez Club Mix)

27) PM Dawn — Set Adrift on Memory Bliss (Richie’s Street Groove)*

28) Nas — Made You Look (Original Mix)

29) Busta Rhymes featuring Sean Paul and Spliff Star — Make it Clap (Remix)

30) Snow — Informer (Ultimix)

31) Ja Rule featuring Ashante — Always on Time (Funkymix)

32) Fat Joe featuring Ashante and DMX — What’s Luv? (Funkymix)

33) Big Pun — Still Not a Player (Original Mix)

34) Eve — Satisfaction (Funkymix)

35) Pharcyde — Passin’ Me By (Funkymix)

36) Afroman — Because I Got High (Funkymix)

37) Styles P — I Get High (Original Mix)

38) Chingy featuring Ludacris and Snoop Dogg — Holidae Inn (Funkymix)

39) Puff Daddy featuring Mase and Notorious BIG — Mo Money, Mo Problems (Supreme Ultimix)

40) Father MC — I’ll Do 4 U (Ultimix)

41) De La Soul — Eye Know (Daisy Bass Mix)*

42) Jungle Brothers — What U Waitin’ 4? (Jungle Fever Mix)*

* Recorded from vinyl especially for this mix.

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