The Marathon Mixes

These mixes were labors of love that went for no less than 3 1/2 hours apiece. Recorded live and continuous with no post-production, they’re a tribute to DJ Lurk’s love of creating long soundscapes of a myriad of genres, remixes, and song selection. It’ll take a couple of seconds for your browser to comprehend how much data there is before it starts playing; be patient — DJ Lurk certifies that you’ll love it.

August 8, 2008: Stuntin’ is a Habit

Download: 2008-08-08 – DJ Lurk – Stuntin is a Habit

Old habits die hard.

October 10, 2008: There Are Two Types of Balls

Download: 2008-10-18 DJ Lurk – There Are Two Types of Balls

Beginning sample is from the legendary Bullet Tooth Tony in Snatch, this shindig goes for five and a half hours!

November 14, 2008: I Feel Good Today, Silent Bob

Download: 2008-11-14 – I Feel Good Today Silent Bob

This epic-length journey was an attempt to fit in as many quality 80’s remixes into one long mash-around as possible. Just shy of six and one half hours of continuous turntable work. Laying the Clerks sample over the Art of Noise and then flowing into Prince’s “Pussy Control” (before he swore off swearing) just makes this mix that much more sugar.

December 17, 2008: No Dice

Download: No Dice

Start sample is from Fast Times at Ridgemont High and just gets sillier from there.