Edgemont Compound

When DJ Lurk moved into the Edgemont Compound, everything had to get shoved haphazardly into the beat down garage temporarily, but he set his turntables sideways and made due in a blisteringly hot environment that was about to fall over. For the record, it is still standing, although the amount of bass he poured through the paper-thin walls was excessive. After finally recruiting some roadies (H/T Kleptus and J-Huff) to haul everything into the downstairs master bedroom as his DJ Lair, he continued to play and record, producing the neighborhood-approved jams included on this page.

February 19, 2009: Aquarius Roller Rink

Download: Aquarius Roller Rink Mix Practice

Channelling memories of roller skates and parquet floors, DJ Lurk actually pulled out real records and went back to the turntables, almost just to preserve vinyl he thought was going to melt in that garage.

March 3, 2009: Ancient Hip Hop Vinyl

Download: Ancient Hip Hop Vinyl

Another “save the vinyl” recording, this time focusing on his extensive and everlasting love for hip hop before it turned into puddles of wax.

March 27, 2009: Did You Just Say the F-Word?

Download: Did You Just Say the F-Word

Holy shit, dude. DJ Lurk felt the need to mix so bad he set up temporarily in his living room in order to produce this gem.

April 26, 2009: Buy Your Own Damn Fries

Download: Buy Your Own Damn Fries

The samples at the beginning of this excellence are actually from President Barack Hussein Obama reading his own memoirs.

August 8, 2009: William, Move Your Head!

Download: William Move Your Head

The beginning sample always cracks DJ Lurk up — it is from So I Married an Axe Murderer, and the Scottish accented verbal beatdown reminds him of his childhood.

November 14, 2009: The Strength of Street Knowledge

Download: The Strength of Street Knowledge

Frequently miscategorized as “jungle”, “jump up”, or “drum and bass”, the producer/DJ/remixer Aphrodite has produced a whole new genre of music that synchronizes old skool hip hop with massive tempo shifts and double-timed deep drums. This mix sloppily explores that microcosm.

November 28, 2009: This House is a Fuckin’ Prison

Download: This House is a Fuckin’ Prison

The movie Stepbrothers has a wealth of quotable quotes, but “in the galaxy of this sucks camel dicks” is possibly the most humorous.