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Posted: October 31, 1990 in Poetry
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out in the woods by myself
I follow footprints which are someone else’s.
no-one knows where I am.
nobody understands just what I’m doing.
I don’t follow to be like the others;
I follow to see where they’re going.
then I scamper off in my own direction
leaving them lost to their own devices.

Untitled Poem #93

Posted: October 31, 1990 in Poetry
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It rains
I stand
In a field
By myself
Me and mud
In my toes
Sunk grass
Ankle deep
Silent mirth
Big smile
Oh yeah
Oh god.


Posted: October 30, 1990 in Poetry
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I sit in the corner, brooding.
people look once then look away quickly.
no-one sits by me.
I am kept company by a pepper shaker.
everyone wonders what drug I am on,
brooding with my chin on my forearms,
glaring at the fake wood table.
under beetled brows I’ve got orange eyes.
one hand toys with the paper napkin
and I consider spilling the silverware to the ground.
I pick a number, then slide sideways
and start counting the pieces of gum
on the bottom of the table.

Untitled Poem #91

Posted: October 30, 1990 in Poetry
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laying face down on my bed
hoping for an earthquake
dreaming of what’s going on
on the floors beneath me:
a young lady undressing,
a piano playing below that,
worms tunneling under
the creaky foundation;
small roots in the hard dirt,
then maybe rock and water,
occasionally pockets of other stuff.
deeper and deeper, it’s hot
and the earth starts to melt.
so I wake up and turn over
to stare at my ceiling.

Untitled Poem #90

Posted: October 30, 1990 in Poetry
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Writhing around like a worm with its tail cut off
Shivers galloping through my spine
My eyes cross and bang together
Retinal images frolic around me
Knees wobbly, rubberbandingly dancing
I love you but please
Don’t blow in my ear again!

Waugh! rollerskates [Laura] make my day!
whether skating through Hardy’s provincial heath
sometimes slogging/sometimes out of breath
or listen to you write dizzily in the grass
rollerskating inkwards in and out of class
Don’t play too fast for me
all I’ll see
is red hair and a smile.

Shop Talk

Posted: October 25, 1990 in Poetry
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I ran and ran. Barefoot and naked from that
House I ran through alleyways I don’t remember
But in the scariest corners of opiate dreams.
The horror that grew and relentlessly
Followed me from that accursed house
Blacked out the stars in the midnight sky;
Ink spilling across the heavens. My
Feet flayed by flinders of stone, my
Breath ragged and acidic with smog,
The darkness roiling turbulent
Seemed welcome and horrifying.
Collapsing on the wet grass of the
Public park I shivered for the cold
And the anticipation of being
Filed away in another straitjacket.