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Untitled Poem #-13

Posted: December 28, 1991 in Poetry
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some frogs
with the human
by croaking
once, twice.
then being quiet
as he looked

Untitled Poem #-12

Posted: December 28, 1991 in Poetry
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I shot my poem
with a bow I strung
high away in the air
up over the sun.
I fly when I’m lonely
with no one around.
wild spinning up softly,
ending up on the ground.

Untitled poem #-11

Posted: December 26, 1991 in Poetry
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as a dream
of ocean,
there is seaweed,
a corsage
on my wrist,
sand in my nails;
my window was open
to the stars,
mirrors to
mad poetry.

I count the bones
rained from above
which sound like wood
dropped on stone
when they fall.

If I could,
I think I’d love
the long bones
most of all,
and the skulls.

The King in Yellow

Posted: December 26, 1991 in Poetry
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thee King in Yellow
lies still,
his face shrouded
by thee breath
of a thousand monkeys.

Roam Dog Town

Posted: December 24, 1991 in Poetry
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I think of my chaos of dogs in the dark:
down fall the trash cans; they saunter and sally
as we race away quick down the waterstained alley.
chiming in with great howls and loud barks.

four-legged and shining, we piss on all cars
snickering about owners asleep in their sheets
their dogs running loose all around in their streets
following the directions of the faraway stars.

Jacuzzi Poet

Posted: December 21, 1991 in Poetry
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the squiggles of the moon
in the water ‘round your feet
is how powerful you are.

when I close my eyes,
I can see Alex flying.

Yellow Dog

Posted: December 20, 1991 in Poetry
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little yellow dog
without your nose
I ask you why
do you have
no fingers or toes?
little yellow dog,
loved for floppy ears
and for golden eyes
that haven’t changed
for twenty years.

I Have a Little Puppy

Posted: December 14, 1991 in Poetry
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I have a little puppy,
Her name is Laura Moore
She has a baby python
And I am hers for sure.
Her hair is red like crayons
She’s fun to tickle, too
My love for her is endless
And fat and big and true.

Untitled Poem #-9

Posted: December 5, 1991 in Poetry
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I am
read to a man in a wheelchair
who smiles and laughs out loud
he can remember.
I can remember
mixing the chemicals
then taking it.

Derivation of Kawabata II

Posted: December 2, 1991 in Poetry
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flowers stand
in a pot for tea
under a scroll:
the rain is quiet
filling pools;
mirrors for the
clouds’ coiffures.
in an alcove
of dark wood.


Posted: December 1, 1991 in Poetry
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so many big
things to capture
with the clumsy
butterfly net
of my poetry.