Dirty Little Mansion

“And you…music lover. You’re next.”

Every so often, DJ Lurk is requested to provide services to an event. This one was at the DLM; a palatial spread somewhere in the hills west of Lawrence Welk boulevard that had a stunning view and a deck full of pool and jacuzzi. Porn stars, jello shots, and an entire day dedicated to a DJ Lurk soundtrack. So he recorded all of it. Back-to-back mixes will run over eight hours of continuous DJing.

DLM Part 1: Walking in My Shoes

Download: Dirty Little Mansion Part 1

Being a professional, DJ Lurk was set up and ready to sound check. Medicated, he decided to press record and capture for posterity’s sake. He never stopped recording. Was coherent enough to lay a sample from Tombstone down first:

“Drunk piano player. You’re probably seeing double”
“I have two guns. One for each of you.”

DLM Part 2: Pop Life

Download:  Dirty Little Mansion Part 2

Nothing like spinning for a whole day to bring out the megamixes. Prince FTW.

DLM Part 3: Sharks with Laser Beams

Download: Dirty Little Mansion Part 3

Sun is going down; BPM spinning up. Space music seems appropriate with a little bit of Sasha.

DLM Part 4: What a Feelin’

Download: Dirty Little Mansion Part 4

By this point, clothing was purely decorative. Mostly necklaces, bracelets, and strategically worn Jello shots.


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