Released in 2003 as the traditional holiday dual-CD set as part of the Deceptikons collective, ElektroBubbleGum was the first time DJ Lurk (under his stage name of DJ Soundwave) attempted to put together a continuous mix as a physical compilation since the days of tape decks. This comp focused exclusively on incredibly re-imagined 80s dance remixes to prove that certain jams never really go out of style; they just need a remix to land on that hot griddle dance floor to catapult them right back into rotation.

December 31, 2003: ElektroGrape

Download: TEKNOgrape

Definitely the harder of the two flavors of ElektroBubbleGum, this is a non-stop tour de force of 80’s surprises. The sample from Space Balls sets you up for the journey to ludicrous speed.

December 31, 2003: DiskoCherry

Download: DISKOcherry

Much more sparkly, but no less driving, the “flip side” of ElektroBubbleGum shamelessly deploys a sample from the Princess Bride over a beautifully reimagined Culture Club classic, leading to a head-nodding mix of 80’s dance floor classics.