Disco, Inc.

While at the Sutter Street complex, I got a call from my friend Grant Goad to ask if i had some time to make music. We listened to some tracks — IIRC Black Box – Everybody, Everybody and Dee-Lite — Groove is in the Heart — and we wrote a basic song. Concept, chords, lyrics. Grant played on the vertical baby grand piano Dawn and I had hauled upstairs, I wrote in a poetry journal and put musical input into it. Dawn just went into the bedroom and put her head under a pillow.

Grant took these ideas south across the border to Studio Mijangos, and came back with an actually recorded and pressed 12″ single under the group Disco, Incorporated.

I was blown away by the love and effort put into that working session. Grant got our high school friend Randy Larocco to put down that funky honkey wah guitar on it. Mijangos at the time was blowing up, and put his signature style on the tracks. Some up-and-coming vocalist named Reegeo took my lyrics and killed it; somehow Grant even arranged thicc background vocals.

Disco, Inc. – Everybody

Original Mix – download here
M & M Classic Mix — download here
Mijangos Mix — download here
DJ Lurk and Grant’s Hallucination – download here


It was fun having the song stolen and the credit taken by another random artist that re-recorded the vocals over the master tracks and that made it on to a CD compilation.