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Untitled Poem #-8

Posted: November 25, 1991 in Poetry
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I lay claim to
this piece of earth.
something to
lay my picnic blanket on
when I’m dead.
sometime when
I don’t feel so lonely
and afraid;
somewhere to
rest my head.

Untitled Poem #-7

Posted: November 25, 1991 in Poetry
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I was captured in the mirror
of a pool of clear water.
I watched myself climb a big rock
behind me without falling.


Posted: November 19, 1991 in Poetry
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I beat a trash can like a drum
in the alley behind your house
at night when the stray cats gather
on the fence around my feet.
we are all going
to fly to the dark side of the moon.

I see the big sack of your skin,
hung up as if in a slaughterhouse
and God stuffs in your muscles,
your organs, your soul;
sews you up and throws you to earth
to land like a leaping antelope.

I curse the dawn licking the city skyline
clean of the octopus darkness.
I hold my rings up to the last star
and plunge back into the timelessness
of the dirty brick alleyways.


Posted: November 18, 1991 in Poetry
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Thor swung his
hammer aimlessly,
for there was nothing
left to fight.

Derivation of Kawabata

Posted: November 15, 1991 in Poetry
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I see the rain
breathe her mist
over the mountains,
marching relentlessly.
a fog’s curiosity.
smell the earth,
touch the wet drops
on a delicately outstretched ivy leaf.

Rock Breath

Posted: November 12, 1991 in Poetry
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where am I going tonight?
crowded subway train
full of sleepy dreamers;
it never stops, but they get off.
somehow I don’t notice,
surrounded by nightclothes
that are empty.
I fly away
to a mountain top
and let my breath fall
to the valley,
happy in sleep.
beautiful bat wings,
and strength,
watching plants grow,
my mountain eroding,
everything melting.
I plunge to tear out the heart
of an evil man,
crashing against his hairy breast
and falling
to the pavement,
staring at his shoes
as he, not noticing, watered his lawn
into my eyes.


Posted: November 10, 1991 in Poetry
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I lurk.
a leviathan under the surface,
battling with dreams
and limitations,
darkly, silently.

I lurk,
therefore, I am

I lay at the bottom
watching my bubbles
swim towards the grey surface
around the unfortunate.