Jenny from the Block

At the Edgemont Compound, DJ Lurk had some wonderful and attractive neighbors, Dawn and Jenne. Dawn decided to throw Jenne a surprise berfday partay on May 23rd, 2009, and asked if the Lurk could provide the soundtrack. Traktor has a record button, and DJ Lurk was prescient enough to press record as he set off on a journey through mostly hip hop (by request), then evolving into fielding requests and mixing up a storm. Here is the two-part excursion.

Jenny from the Block Part I

Download: Jenny from the Block Party Part 1

Part I is predominantly hip hop cuisinarted around according to the berfday gurl’s demands. “Life ain’t a track meet — it’s a marathon” ~Ice Cube

Jenny from the Block Part II

Download: Jenny from the Block Party Part 2



The later, larger part documents the descent into complete hedonism. This gig was BANGIN’! When you can get away with mixing from LMFAO to George Michael and include Savage Garden’s “I Knew I Loved You” to Erasure’s “Oh L’Amour” you know that the crowd was liquored up.

Storm from Sista Ink AKA “Ms Hockaday if you’re nasty” weighed in and said that 1:55:56 “melted her face off”. High praise, indeed!


DJ Lurk found another birthday party recording from August 2010, which probably belongs here or thereabouts. My homegurl Ada Ramos was turning 40 years young, rented out an entire second-story party hall floor, and I was humbled to drag my shit down there and do my best.

It always amuses me to listen to what the actual fuck I play at parties. Quite a few of these mixes are horrific, but as usual, I didn’t record the mic, and like a real DJ, I had to MC enough to tell people to move their cars out of the loading area, somebody’s mother was looking for them, or to get people to carry the three tons of home-cooked food that came up — that explains a couple of the pauses.

The dance floor was gigantic, and carpeted with linoleum, so all of this old-school shit — as requested by the birthday girl — produced some incredible popping, locking, and pull-your-socks-up dance circles.

I leaned on a lot of megamixes, for sure.

Ada’s 40th Mix — download here

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