Monster Zero

The collected works of the Point Loma / Ocean Beach / Mission Hills ska-funk phenomenon known as Monster Zero, active from 1989-1990. Named after Ghidora, the Three Headed Monster, Godzilla’s arch-nemesis, this group is the source of such unforgettable jams as “Camel Jack”, “Crime and Rhyme”, and “Naked Ladies”. In addition to a slew of originals, Monster Zero also kept it real by covering classic ska songs from the likes of Fishbone, The Specials, The English Beat, and Bad Manners.

Monster Zero consisted of:

Original Songs:

Here are the two extra tracks from the 30th Anniversary Reissue:

Here is the entire 30th Anniversary Reissue of M0nster Zer0 – VERSUS: right-click to download.

The chucklehead rhythm section would also usually bust out with some Yes and Rush covers when the horns and keys were surveying the state of available alcohol.

Cover Songs:


(from left to right) Steve, Chris, Mike N, Alex, Gino, John, Mike M.
The original Monster Zero group promo pic: (from left to right) Steve, Chris, Mike N, Alex, Gino, John, Mike M.
Monster Zero with Daddy Long Leggs flyer
Monster Zero – Daddy Long Leggs
Monster Zero Skafunkabrate
Monster Zero – Skafunkabrate
Monster Zero - Skankathon
Monster Zero – Skankathon
Monster Zero - Speechless
Monster Zero – Speechless
  1. mcgee says:

    holy crap.

    my mind has just been blown

  2. I absolutely just shit myself. Murdoch, you held onto those MZ demos all these years? I still have the cassette you dubbed for me back then with those same songs. CRAZY!

  3. Josh Dyer says:

    Still my top vote in all of the following categories:

    Best high school band ever
    Best Point Loma band ever
    Best demo recorded on a 4-track

  4. Zhee Zhee says:

    Holy crap, you guys were the shiiiiiiaaatt! I knew it and remembered it, but hearing again is totally solidifying that statement. Dude, I totally remember that big ass party…and was thinking I wonder how many people got their groove on in one way or another that night. I know I had an unforgetable time. Thanks guys and uh…wow Murdoch for keeping all of this stuff and sharing again!

  5. Ross (Guru) says:

    Hot damn. Thanks Mike. I lost my cassette years ago (which of course would make no difference because I haven’t owned a cassette player for years either). I’m downloading them now and can’t wait to have another listen. Long live Mission Hills Posse.

  6. Tyler Lusk says:

    LOL . I remember that band hehe. Remember the dust bowl party? I broke my bass drum head or something that night. It was my last show oh well.
    Hey is anyone famous yet? I saw shawn locher is doing fairly well with his music.
    Anyways peas carrots too.

  7. Tyler Lusk says:

    yeah murdoc.. I’m tripping i found this, i was just blindly googlin’
    Do you even remember me? I always liked you.. I think…. lol

  8. Marc Paley says:

    Does anyone Know how to contact Gino Salerno?

    I am a old friend of his and a Keyboard Player.

    Id like to use him on a Recording Project this Summer.


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  10. […] HomeDJ LurkMonster ZeroPus & Zero BoyApes and FroggsJourney to the Elemental Plane of FunkMonster in Your ClosetThe Deceptikons […]

  11. […] HomeDJ LurkMonster ZeroPus & Zero BoyApes and FroggsJourney to the Elemental Plane of FunkMonster in Your ClosetThe Deceptikons […]

  12. Alex Kohrt says:

    We had a lot of fun making this music and playing it for people (& for ourselves too).

    Frogg, props to you for doing this. You are the cataloger of all catalogers

  13. Andrea Morton says:

    I still have my copy of this demo tape, and have actually broken it out from time to time over the years. Such great parties with fantastic music. Kicked the ass out of most of the college parties I attended years later…

  14. Mike Newman says:

    please send my a copy! – Mike Newman 949.257.7715

  15. Dale Rose says:

    The roadie was pretty fucking good, too (smirk!) Ahh, the memories. Here’s one: Driving Alex’s van on someone’s lawn at a private party where you played and running over the sprinklers. The owners wanted us out of there so bad, they did not even care about the damage. Here’s another: Driving Alex’s van (there’s a theme here) following a party at an IB club; pulling over to let someone ‘purge’ quickly (umm, on the freeway shoulder as I recall), then resume the safe trek home. Chris said it best in one of the songs: Good gawd! Thanks Murdoch, love the view to the past here. Will now play some MZ tunes for the kiddos.

  16. Adrianna Lazzarini says:

    Hey, remember me??? The one with the tambourine scars on my hips?? Ha!!! These memories are some of my best – practicing in the tiny room/garage every week and being amazed at how great we/YOU sounded. It was so fantastic and I’ll never forget it xoxo. Fave originals: Ham and Eggs (I was too scared to be able to write lyrics) and Camel Jack. I remember trying to record and Mike making me laugh uncontrollably.
    Such special fun 🙂

  17. I think I still have a tape here somewhere…

  18. Newman says:

    i find myself here often playing these tracks for friends and family. The best times ever… its time for a MZ reunion!

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