Get Off My Lawn

These are a couple of late career mixes preserved for DJ Lurk posterity. It has been several years since putting the needle on the record for DJ Lurk, but the retirement age keeps getting pushed later on in life.

July 24, 2010: Martial Law

Download: 2010-07-24 Martial Law

Ever a fan of the Deceptikons rather than those goody-two-shoes Autobots, Megatron provides the start sample on this session. Backed up by the awesome Transformers soundtrack for Blackout’s attack on the American military base at the beginning of the first TF movie is unmistakable.

July 25, 2010: The Cough Syrup

Download: 2010-07-25 The Cough Syrup

Bill Murray has never been more entertaining than in the movie Stripes. Drink some Robitussin and groove out to these smooth sounds. Tom Jones and Allison Moyet double-teaming the unmistakable synth hook of Situation by Yaz is a superb start.

July 28, 2012: People Skills

Download: 2012-07-28 EM at MP – People Skills

Efficiency Consultants demand People Skills: “What…what would you say…you do here?” Cue Call Me Maybe.