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fade to black

Posted: June 21, 1991 in Poetry
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the silence
is frightening
to my eyes.
one moment
of starry life
to flare
and die
like a gunshot.
I fall down.
I fail you all.

Untitled Poem #110

Posted: June 13, 1991 in Poetry
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sometimes you feel like a nut.
sometimes you don’t.
“Almond Joy’s” got nuts.
“Mounds” don’t.

Tu Eres Mi Solana

Posted: June 10, 1991 in Poetry
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tu eres mi solana.
tu eres mi bonita calabasa.
tu eres mi solana, y tu solamente tu
eres de mio.

yo necesito su cuerpo en mi cama,
yo quiero todo su voz en mi vida.
yo te amo, te amo, te amo, te amo, te amo.
sin tu, yo voy a matarme.


tu eres el centro de mi corazon.
no es posible a piensa sin tu.
mi vida de nada, pero te gustame.
yo soy un hombre de mucha suerte, porque


tu, mi muchacha de ojos guapos,
tu eres mi razon para estoy viviendo.
mi perrita de los estrellas
yo te amo, por ahora y todavia!

(chorus ad nauseum)

Godzilla Cometh

Posted: June 2, 1991 in Poetry
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I talketh.
I open my Mouth.
I speaketh unto You
assembled here tonight.
the Lord cometh
in the Guise of a great Reptile.
Fire he does breath,
and with Blood does he quench his Thirst.
I tremble in humble supplication
unto the Wyrm that does prescribe
the manner that each shall Perish.
Enlightenment shall come as Fire,
Salvation shall approach as hopelessness,
and thou shalt be Judged
by thy Belief and the pain
of your Fiery demise.
He cometh and I speaketh unto you:
He cometh in the Guise of a great Reptile.