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The results of dishonesty

The results of dishonesty

There is a hole in my heart, and I can’t contain the light that is pouring out. This is the brilliance of truth and the refraction of soul. This is the damage that is done to a human being when you are betrayed, blinded, backstabbed, and belittled for trying to be more understanding than is humanly possible to be. The Froggacuda has held his enormous, razor-sharp, whiplike tongue long enough, and the slings and arrows, the sticks and stones, having come from all quarters, determine that the defense of the 360 degrees is back by popular demand, and must be enforced with the unpredictable and uncanny gusto that is the Monster from Red Lake.

This site has been populated with what I once was and, apparently, what I still am made of: not snips and snails and puppy dogs tails, but fifteen years of poetry, ten years of making music, five years of DJ mixes, and one month of unemployment later, I am sitting all froggy on top of a pile of meaningless (to you) shit that perhaps someone will wander through and find a gem or two amidst this midden heap of detritus. Although the catharsis of inputting and then burning all of my available poetry journals is healing, it tears a lot of scabs off of present and historical wounds that should have been viciously expunged with a gallon of Bactine and a scalpel when the damage occurred in the first place. Except that I am a coward.

I don’t know why I am so creative; why I am able to pour my guts out on the kitchen table and read your fortune in them like some sort of Street Shaman or modern-day Gypsy — to help you, only to stuff my innards back into this ridiculously fat and out-of-shape barrel-like body of mine, smile, pat your head, tell you I am alright, and send you on your merry way with a little bit of Murdoch perspective to think about. It’s what I do.

I am so brave when it comes to telling the truth to other people. In my own private hellish closet where the real me lurks and shakes his fist at a world that I never asked to be a part of, I tell myself I am making the best of it. I live, I love, I breathe, I get up in the morning, I go to work (when I have it), I get shanked by friends, family members, acquaintances, business partners, bosses, co-workers, Sunday drivers, wives, fuck-buddies, Internet personalities, and the population at large, and it all it really makes me want to get this thing called life over with. That’s why I am trying to smoke and drink myself to death like a modern day Charles Bukowski. What is the point of all of this happiness and misery, anyways?

Seriously, what is a blog for besides spitting ridiculously self-centered screeds to an unsubscribed and uncaring Internet where my body of work will be lost as another couple of drops in the ocean of half-formed content scrabbling for purchase or publication like so many Lovecraftian half-formed nightmares populating the craptacular pages of the 21st Century’s equivalent of pulp fiction: WordPress.

I was going to wait until I had everything I had ever done (or at least kept and found again, only to be re-humiliated by rediscovering it) pumped into this overblown MySQL database before I started ranting again, but enough is enough, and the tongue must be let loose to rave in the dark as an orgy of one. It is terribly frustrating to understand that the highlight of my life is the eulogy I gave in a shadowy, barely filled cathedral for one of my best friends Bela Feher, who I miss like an arm or a testicle (he’d love that) even now, and I DAMN him for falling off of a big rock and leaving me here to struggle through this bullshit they call life while trying to console myself that I can’t die fast enough and that his wisdom, magic, and sarcasm is still contained within every ray of light from the hole in my heart.

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Hybrid Plus Mix

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Music
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Decided to take a crack at mixing Hybrid tracks. 131 minutes, 47 seconds.

DJ Lurk – Hybrid Plus Mix right-click to download


  1. REM – The Great Beyond [Hybrid Mix]
  2. Moby featuring Gwen Stefani – Southside [Hybrid’s Dishing Pump Remix]
  3. Sarah McLachlan – Fear [Hybrid’s Super Collider Mix]
  4. Hybrid and BT – Running Down the Way Up [Original Mix]
  5. Hybrid – Theme from Wide Angle [Original Mix]
  6. Hybrid – Finished Symphony [Sure Is Pure Remix]
  7. Hybrid – Symphony [Original Breakbeat Mix]
  8. Hybrid – I’m Still Awake [Christian J Mix]
  9. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar [Hybrid’s Time Traveller Mix]
  10. Filter – Take A Picture [Hybrid Remix]
  11. Inner Sanctum – How Soon Is Now [Hybrid Remix]
  12. Conjure One featuring Sinead O’Connor – Tears From The Moon [Hybrid’s Twisted On The Terrace Mix]
  13. DJ Rap – Bad Girl [Hybrid Remix]
  14. Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death [Hybrid Remix – JH Edit]
  15. BT featuring Mike Doughty – Never Gonna Come Back Down [Hybrid’s Breaktek Mix]
  16. Future Sound Of London) – Papua New Guinea [Hybrid Mix]
  17. BT – Godspeed [Hybrid Dub]
  18. Hybrid featuring Chrissie Hynde – Kid 2000 [Kayestone Recon Remix]
  19. Carl Cox – Phuture 2000 [Hybrid Mix]
  20. Every Little Thing – Time Goes By [Hybrid Mix]
  21. Maurice – Feline [Hybrid Mix]
  22. Peter Wayne – Eve of the War [Hybrid Mix]
  23. BT – Fibonacci Sequence [Luminescent’s Hybrid Remix]
  24. Tori Amos – Talula [BT’s Synaesthesia Remix]