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Ward Off the Karma

Posted: August 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

Came home from work, sick of traffic and the heat. All 4 windows down, blasting White Panda mashup mixtapes to ward off the karma. Picked up smokes and beer and went home. Fed my cats their first dinner, turned on the fans, made sure nobody had broken in or any of my electronics had died, and turned on the Parlour. Checked out some 2018 festival DJ sets: everybody has to ask “are you feeling OK out there?” while jumping on the DJ table and then leaping off to some insanely calculated drop.

Marshmello, Krewella, Slushii, Carnage, Illenium — I sampled through a lot of them, backed with $10MM of plasma screens, intelligent lighting, fire cannons, paint hoses, haze machines courtesy of Ultra or Tomorrowland or Lollapalooza main stage. There is some excellent shit in there.

I wondered what I would play in my prime as DJ Lurk in that sort of setting — and the voices in my head immediately responded that this formula has been done before many times.

An example: Party Alarm, and it’s from 2002, out of my Essential Mixes. I just have to connect the dots back to DJ Lurk and some messages from the past to the future. There wasn’t a lot of difference when I switched from “professional DJs” to my own shit. In fact, I am better than anyone else for an audience of one: frankly, the most important critic: me. I am really fucking good.

Party Alarm [July 28, 2002]

Check it out if you want DJ Lurk at your house in festival mode.