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Posted: July 9, 1995 in Poetry
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I should listen to the sea
‘Cause I’m never turning back
I’m not who I used to be
And I’m never going home.
I’m so hard upon myself
I cannot seem to learn.
At the bottom of the well,
I sit and shiver in my bones.
I really don’t know who I am;
I’m busy being someone else.
Trying on my different masks,
I lose my sense of what is real.
So I sit and hold my head
What I’ve done can haunt me still
Remember wishing you were dead?
Now how do you feel?

Untitled Poem #85

Posted: October 8, 1990 in Poetry
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Tension. Pressure.
Little scurrying demons
Crawling around my mental ductwork.
Work I can’t.
Not now. They’re everywhere
Pipes, vents, ducts, corridors.
Haunts of the hordelings
Marathons of minute monstrosities
Racing through out
Out! Out!