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Chloe Dancing

Posted: January 7, 2002 in Poetry
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A feeling I caught, awash in sand and sea
Bringing back some faint, foolish memory:
Chloe and stickman and rockman and I
In love for an evening because we were high.
Iceplant and kindling on the Santa Barbara sand
A stage built for my improvised puppets and hands.
Under the star-patched, moon-cloudy sky
We loved Chloe dancing, sticks, rocks, and I.

Stick Man and Rock Man

Posted: November 17, 1990 in Poetry
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I remember stealing through the woods
admiring the trees all the while
catching a magic glimpse of you
dancing alone with a smile.

walking along a seaweeded beach,
I play in the sand with you.
I build you castles for your delight
then walk home with sand in my shoes.


Posted: October 5, 1990 in Poetry
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cankersores suck gigantic dick
little rock pain gouge
easily jarred into angry gnawing
tongue testing irritability limits
grumble grumble bitch
more Certs™, minty bombs
make the bacteria go away
sore grubby hotspots rotting
food parcel particles old
festering mouth wounds
no bandaid relief
oral land mine punjii sticks
under-the-tongue blister
jiggling pus sacs
brush your teeth with a razor blade
kind of pain.