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Posted: October 30, 1990 in Poetry
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I sit in the corner, brooding.
people look once then look away quickly.
no-one sits by me.
I am kept company by a pepper shaker.
everyone wonders what drug I am on,
brooding with my chin on my forearms,
glaring at the fake wood table.
under beetled brows I’ve got orange eyes.
one hand toys with the paper napkin
and I consider spilling the silverware to the ground.
I pick a number, then slide sideways
and start counting the pieces of gum
on the bottom of the table.

Untitled Poem #91

Posted: October 30, 1990 in Poetry
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laying face down on my bed
hoping for an earthquake
dreaming of what’s going on
on the floors beneath me:
a young lady undressing,
a piano playing below that,
worms tunneling under
the creaky foundation;
small roots in the hard dirt,
then maybe rock and water,
occasionally pockets of other stuff.
deeper and deeper, it’s hot
and the earth starts to melt.
so I wake up and turn over
to stare at my ceiling.

Untitled Poem #90

Posted: October 30, 1990 in Poetry
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Writhing around like a worm with its tail cut off
Shivers galloping through my spine
My eyes cross and bang together
Retinal images frolic around me
Knees wobbly, rubberbandingly dancing
I love you but please
Don’t blow in my ear again!