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Shopping Cart

Posted: November 6, 1993 in Poetry
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One more poem
before I drown into sleep,
filled like a shopping cart
full of food to cook
and eat and explore
with dreams of
department stores.


Posted: May 8, 1993 in Poetry
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I have it all tucked away in a shoebox
for casual reminiscing
when this is all over.
Bury it with me like food for the afterlife.

Ronald McDonald

Posted: April 3, 1991 in Poetry
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my shoes
look like
Ronald McDonald’s
and sometimes,
wearing them,
I wonder what
it would be like
to be bolted
to a playground’s
cement slab
in front of that
fast food franchise
and then be stolen
by some high
school seniors.


Posted: October 5, 1990 in Poetry
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cankersores suck gigantic dick
little rock pain gouge
easily jarred into angry gnawing
tongue testing irritability limits
grumble grumble bitch
more Certs™, minty bombs
make the bacteria go away
sore grubby hotspots rotting
food parcel particles old
festering mouth wounds
no bandaid relief
oral land mine punjii sticks
under-the-tongue blister
jiggling pus sacs
brush your teeth with a razor blade
kind of pain.

Ode to Pepto-Bismal

Posted: October 2, 1990 in Poetry
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lovely and cool, pink and minty stuff,
quell my queasing stomach rough.
calm the bilish oceanic waves
which slosh within gastronomic caves.
unleash thy pow’rful soothing mood
upon my restless and acerbic food;
bestill the tides which yaw and heave
it is in you that I trust and believe.


Posted: March 9, 1987 in Poetry
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What is it like
To be a piece of French toast
A half a club sandwich
Or a grade B roast
Sitting on the plate
With someone looking down
A bit of parsley for a brain
An orange peel for a crown
As scrambled eggs
Or a hamburger bun
Waiting to see
Of what end they’ll become
A fat lady or a kid
Or a man with ready cash
Or the ultimate rejection:
To be thrown in the trash.