Hybrid Plus Mix

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Music
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Decided to take a crack at mixing Hybrid tracks. 131 minutes, 47 seconds.

DJ Lurk – Hybrid Plus Mix right-click to download


  1. REM – The Great Beyond [Hybrid Mix]
  2. Moby featuring Gwen Stefani – Southside [Hybrid’s Dishing Pump Remix]
  3. Sarah McLachlan – Fear [Hybrid’s Super Collider Mix]
  4. Hybrid and BT – Running Down the Way Up [Original Mix]
  5. Hybrid – Theme from Wide Angle [Original Mix]
  6. Hybrid – Finished Symphony [Sure Is Pure Remix]
  7. Hybrid – Symphony [Original Breakbeat Mix]
  8. Hybrid – I’m Still Awake [Christian J Mix]
  9. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar [Hybrid’s Time Traveller Mix]
  10. Filter – Take A Picture [Hybrid Remix]
  11. Inner Sanctum – How Soon Is Now [Hybrid Remix]
  12. Conjure One featuring Sinead O’Connor – Tears From The Moon [Hybrid’s Twisted On The Terrace Mix]
  13. DJ Rap – Bad Girl [Hybrid Remix]
  14. Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death [Hybrid Remix – JH Edit]
  15. BT featuring Mike Doughty – Never Gonna Come Back Down [Hybrid’s Breaktek Mix]
  16. Future Sound Of London) – Papua New Guinea [Hybrid Mix]
  17. BT – Godspeed [Hybrid Dub]
  18. Hybrid featuring Chrissie Hynde – Kid 2000 [Kayestone Recon Remix]
  19. Carl Cox – Phuture 2000 [Hybrid Mix]
  20. Every Little Thing – Time Goes By [Hybrid Mix]
  21. Maurice – Feline [Hybrid Mix]
  22. Peter Wayne – Eve of the War [Hybrid Mix]
  23. BT – Fibonacci Sequence [Luminescent’s Hybrid Remix]
  24. Tori Amos – Talula [BT’s Synaesthesia Remix]

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