m-i-k-e on the m-i-c

Posted: March 27, 1993 in Poetry
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c’mon I see you jump around and your skirts fly high
and you’re asking yourself if I’m that type of guy.
you’ll never really know until you give me a try
but I know I get funky, so why should I lie?
you see you know I’d love to love you if you’d let me in
and I know you ain’t just staring at the jeans I’m in.
[Hey Ladies!] …you know I respect you -beastie boys
I’ll ask you first before I jump up and sex you.
you give me the sweats and you give me the chills;
I’d love to come play on your Blueberry Hills –
I’d like to wine you and dine you and treat you just like a queen
I’ll go heat up the Cheeze Whiz™ if it’ll make you scream.
I go through the fridge to pull out all sorts of treats
I’ll treat you better than Mickey Roarke did in 9 and 1/2 weeks:
to rank a likkle Roger in the rub-a-dub style
I’ll bring Cormick to bus drive if it’ll tickle your smile.

Okay so here’s a likkle groove to make you move your pants
‘cause I love to watch all the girls [dance…dance] – MARRS
the only thing better than bumpin’ the beat is a kiss
so excuse me for a moment while I go [get up on this!] – M
all I really want to do is get to know you;
if you don’t understand what I mean, then I’ll show you,
and that doesn’t mean going home to jump in the sack
– especially if one or the other has drunk a six-pack.
put your feet in my lap and I’ll rub your calves;
you give me a chance and I’ll make you laugh.
I won’t hoard you like a prize or put you up on a pedestal.
I treat you like my friend and I’ll hope it’s reciprocal.
we’ll take a walk on the beach and I’ll pour you some wine.
I’ll do everything to make your experience fine.
If you approve of my mood then you can give me a kiss
and then by the fire with Marvin Gaye’s greatest hits
we can snuggle and cuddle, eat dinner and read.
if you want to spend the night just tug on my sleeve.
you can do what you want to do – nothing is wrong.
you can go to sleep in my arms [all night long] – Kool Moe Dee

I saw you give me a wink so I think I’ll say hi
and hope that you don’t turn away ‘cause you’re shy.
I might look imposing but I’m no superstar
and I’m interested in getting to know who you are
I like your smile and your eyes and the way that you move
and I like that fact that you bump to my groove;
you can stay there all night looking over your cup
or you can dance on over and I’ll fill you up.
my name is Mike, I’m known as DJ Lurk
and there’s nothing more annoying than a hesitant flirt.
time’s ticking away – I can here the clock
and I don’t just want to get up under your smock.
it’s up to you, girl; you got to believe
or else you can just have fun cold watching me leave.
if you don’t like what you see just park it and sit it,
‘cause if you want to get with me than come here and [hit it!] – Ricky D

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