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a bottle of wine and a sunset,
a beach a place to sit;
this is what I’d like to do
with you to believe.
I believe you can summon dolphins
and that you’re a spirit, an angel.
I know of our fears of demons
and of blue bathroom windows,
ouiji boards and my piano playing.
I live to see you cry and argue
and almost break: then
there are my arms for comfort,
my tongue for talking and my ears
for listening and understanding.
I’ll catch you from harm
by falling against you at the same time;
we’ll teeter but we won’t topple.
all of the sunsets are painted on a canvas
big enough to share: the sky
– and I’d like to share it with you.

Living in Myopia

Posted: March 22, 1993 in Poetry
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If I went blind from loving you
I could see all my pictures more clearly;
My mind would make up for my lack of sight
And although my eyes would be black as night
I would love you all that more dearly.

Untitled Poem #156

Posted: March 22, 1993 in Poetry
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each time I turn a page
I wonder if it is already written –
not like as in I’ve done this before
or it’s something I’ve forgotten

– but rather if Fate or Destiny has called
and their webs are woven invisibly;
the strokes of this pen color in
what they’ve decreed delicately.

Lying in Wait for a Reaction

Posted: March 22, 1993 in Poetry
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a little girl lies in
her room at night
and she thinks of me.
who can it be?

I know who but
I’m not telling;
I have the secrets but
I’m not selling.

it is whispered into
animals ears – they hear
and clap their hands
because they understand.