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Devious Thoughts

Posted: December 4, 2002 in Poetry
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Once upon a time
I would run around naked
With my blanket as a cape
Caterwauling before creatures
Only I could see.
I was frightened precisely
Because it was so much fun:
Shrieking and then hiding,
Elaborate intrigues unfolding
From the adult trialogues
Taking place between heart, mind, and soul.
They would discuss me,
My imaginative situations,
And whisper between themselves.
I knew what was coming
When they would fall silent,

I learned devious means
To avoid being eaten each night,
Or on the walk home from school.
I also understood
From the internal trinity
That sometimes it is best
To keep quiet, and tell no one.
Making friends with the monsters –
That was the master stroke.
But I remember why:
They just weren’t as scary anymore
As the reality of classmates.

One of Those Uncaptured Things

Posted: December 4, 1990 in Poetry
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Screaming along on my bike
Pell-mell with the Horde behind me,
Long hat flying in my moon-made shadow
And laughing in a voice unhinged.
Clinging spiderlike to a tree full of crows
Scant moments before in a deciduous web,
Now hurtling away with a mouthful of leaves
Fear just a cape snapping on my back,
Flushed and full of midnight excitement.