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Posted: September 12, 1995 in Poetry
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Sometimes the surf sings
Be a seagull and fly!
Along the crests of the waves
That lap at the land.

It is late at night
And the mist of the sea
Slips on to the streets,
An extended arm of tide.

My bicycle spokes churn
Through the streetlamps’ gaze
Until the darkness under the pier
Brings me to a halt.

It is there where the echoes
Of the surf on the pilings
Reminds me of the seagulls’ cries
And my age-old wish to fly.

One of Those Uncaptured Things

Posted: December 4, 1990 in Poetry
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Screaming along on my bike
Pell-mell with the Horde behind me,
Long hat flying in my moon-made shadow
And laughing in a voice unhinged.
Clinging spiderlike to a tree full of crows
Scant moments before in a deciduous web,
Now hurtling away with a mouthful of leaves
Fear just a cape snapping on my back,
Flushed and full of midnight excitement.

Hardy Ditty

Posted: September 26, 1990 in Poetry
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bicycling over the heath
Hardy in the veins,
poetry running throughout my brain
and dirt beneath
me and my green bicycle
touring the countryside
admiring the steely sky
losing the Me in Michael.