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monkey says “banana”

Posted: August 11, 1991 in Poetry
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will you spend your time
translating to a poor monkey
tell me everything.
I want all of you:
beautiful hideous wonderful embarrassing…
I want you.


I will bend to your every whim.
anything – ask.
I trust you want me for me
not because of a potential for change.
I return the complement
please accept my simple gift;
love and friendship.

o I am so happy!


Posted: August 11, 1991 in Poetry
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talk; remember to talk
or else you will walk
remember oh I hope
I remember like soap
relationships are
and I can say so far
this is the One oh
one slip, she’ll go
remember to communicate
it’s never too late
to tell her what’s real:
how I feel.

Without Me

Posted: August 11, 1991 in Poetry
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watching the clouds
playing graceful in the sky’s meadows.
I lift my arms,
ask for storms to pour their fruit
on me
with no words,
fervent kisses winked like hope
thrown as confetti
stolen by a monkey wind
to go where the lost helium balloons