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Evolution Drives the Bus

Posted: December 21, 1994 in Poetry
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rebirth is the sign
I have seen in neon karma,
judging by my scenery.
not some paranormal awakening,
nor a Zen-like inner peace:
I am far from stopping.
evolution drives the bus;
I’m afraid to lose
what I don’t already have.
potential energy = power,
a force to select the future
that the past dictates I want now.
molt like the mad spider
commit yourself to the House of Bedlam.
slough the skin
before it roughens into
the wrinkles you wear forever.
youthfulness is vitality,
the vitality to withstand
this death must be dyed
to match the colorful shirt
I wish to wear tomorrow to work.

Hiding in your Linen

Posted: August 22, 1993 in Poetry
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perhaps I fall closer to perfection
because I confront the big change directly;
I think that into it’s audience eyes
and court it with depression and teasing razorblades.
you who cover it with sheets and sweaters
to make it not what it is but more
comfortable do it a disservice
and it will remember;
it will use your own linen as camoflage
to catch you unaware and unprepared.

monkey says “banana”

Posted: August 11, 1991 in Poetry
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will you spend your time
translating to a poor monkey
tell me everything.
I want all of you:
beautiful hideous wonderful embarrassing…
I want you.


I will bend to your every whim.
anything – ask.
I trust you want me for me
not because of a potential for change.
I return the complement
please accept my simple gift;
love and friendship.

o I am so happy!