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Pine Tree

Posted: April 3, 1995 in Poetry
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I climbed up as far as my courage
And strength would take me
One day in the life of a monkey-boy;
Those branches were spaced
With a long-armed youth in mind –
A kind encouragement
Beckoning boys to the heavens,
That grandfather pine tree still stood
As of the date of this writing,
And it still looks as tall.
Things change as I grow older –
Hey, I thought it might have grown smaller
Like my free time, but
I’ll bet the wind still waves
The top of that tree back and forth
Enough to make a mother faint.
It seemed like yards, side to side,
The crow’s nest on a stormy ship
Clinging to the sparse branches,
Inadvertently gluing myself to the trunk
With pine sap and a boy’s luck,
Feeling the tickle of the ever-curious ants
That make freeways in the channels
Of such an old tree’s bark.
I think climbing tall things
Is conquering the world to a child.
I remember my parent’s roof,
Paved with pink pumice,
Once all stones,
Then weather beaten gravel,
Looking like a picnic blanket –
Something you could almost fall into
And just sink in,
Like a cat for a headrest.
From that altitude, the clouds were nearby:
I was pretty much one with the sky.
I wondered if I believed enough
On the way down,
Could I fly?

State Street

Posted: January 8, 1992 in Poetry
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I was seen talking shit to a monkey
on the street corner
in broad daylight.

A group of people gathered to watch him
kick my ass for telling him
that I was afraid of his thunder.

As I lay, rolled off the sidewalk
next to the curb, reading
the brands of tires as they rolled by

I believe what they did
was truly heroic,

kicking my ass and all.

The King in Yellow

Posted: December 26, 1991 in Poetry
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thee King in Yellow
lies still,
his face shrouded
by thee breath
of a thousand monkeys.

monkey says “banana”

Posted: August 11, 1991 in Poetry
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will you spend your time
translating to a poor monkey
tell me everything.
I want all of you:
beautiful hideous wonderful embarrassing…
I want you.


I will bend to your every whim.
anything – ask.
I trust you want me for me
not because of a potential for change.
I return the complement
please accept my simple gift;
love and friendship.

o I am so happy!

Without Me

Posted: August 11, 1991 in Poetry
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watching the clouds
playing graceful in the sky’s meadows.
I lift my arms,
ask for storms to pour their fruit
on me
with no words,
fervent kisses winked like hope
thrown as confetti
stolen by a monkey wind
to go where the lost helium balloons

Saturday Morning

Posted: July 23, 1991 in Poetry
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big fat monkeys
in pajamas
eating cereal and watching
the dinosaurs run around
on television.
it is Saturday morning.
I grin behind my pen.