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Oh No, Nothing

Posted: December 16, 1990 in Poetry
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silently shrunken
I drive sunken
watching the vapor
of the new fallen rainwater
dance in the straitjacket of my headlights,
eaten by the grinning grille of my car.
smiling madly from my eye sockets,
I motor evilly with my high beams flickering,
churning my way through the growling fog,
ghost tendrils sucking at my car,
corroding away behind the wheel,
slouched in my chair, spoilt by power steering.
hunting, like the demons riding heat lightning
about my sanity.

Talked to Ralph on the Big White Telephone

Posted: December 16, 1990 in Poetry
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yuck but true
in a dream I threw
you up, ralphed,
so to speak, mouth
full of skin and red
hair, I said
sorry and it was
enough because
I love you.