Godzilla Part II

Posted: June 20, 1987 in Poetry
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From out of the depths
The gargantuan comes
Stomping skyscrapers
As big as his thumbs.
He’s going for Tokyo
Acting sublime
For Godzilla alone
It’s his 58th time.
He chews on a pine tree,
Picking his teeth.
Godzilla ate all the army
He says “where’s the beef”?
But wait! It’s Bruce Li!
Hey, what a guy!
No problem for Godzilla;
He swats him like a fly.
Lining up and aiming
He grins and yells “fore”!
Using tail as a nine iron
A hole in one is his score.
Godzilla is just nuclear
This is not a test.
Look out all you surfers
San Diego might be next!

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