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Untitled Poem #6

Posted: June 14, 1987 in Poetry
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Yes I have explored deeply those gorges which cross
Between myself
And all the rest.
I have run alongside each one for what seemed
Like forever
And I met a wall.
I have tried to climb up to see what was on the
Other side
But I fell
And landed hard.
I have descended into the depths of these
Bottomless chasms
But foul things repulsed me
I have tried to reason with them and then
Trick them
And then fight them.
I have explored my boundaries very thoroughly
And I am surrounded
By wall or valley
Inverse incarnations of barrier
I have tried many ideas and inventions
Scraped from my mind
By years of thought
And only for what seems like a short time ago
I leaped over a gulf
Sailing for the opposite side
And I have been falling to unplumbed depths
Toward the unknown
Through doubt
Ever since.

My Room

Posted: June 14, 1987 in Poetry

My room is a mess
I must confess
That I’ve been blessed
With this test
Of my patience
On the permutations
Of the conflagrations
And the implications
Of not cleaning my floor
It’ll spill out the door
I’ll give it all to the poor
And they’ll still want more
Of my junk
And I’ll go dunk
Myself in funk
Then I will have slunk
Through a corridor
‘Crost a moonlit shore
Rotten to the core
I must be a bore
With all this crap
In a wannabe rap
Give me a slap
So I don’t take a nap
Instead of cleaning my room
From impending doom
Which will now loom
In a cloud of gloom
I should just get dynamite and make it all go kaboom!