Untitled Poem #6

Posted: June 14, 1987 in Poetry
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Yes I have explored deeply those gorges which cross
Between myself
And all the rest.
I have run alongside each one for what seemed
Like forever
And I met a wall.
I have tried to climb up to see what was on the
Other side
But I fell
And landed hard.
I have descended into the depths of these
Bottomless chasms
But foul things repulsed me
I have tried to reason with them and then
Trick them
And then fight them.
I have explored my boundaries very thoroughly
And I am surrounded
By wall or valley
Inverse incarnations of barrier
I have tried many ideas and inventions
Scraped from my mind
By years of thought
And only for what seems like a short time ago
I leaped over a gulf
Sailing for the opposite side
And I have been falling to unplumbed depths
Toward the unknown
Through doubt
Ever since.

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