The Great Eraser Battle of 1987

Posted: April 8, 1987 in Poetry
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Nat grasps his eraser.
Peter tests its weight.
Like the two medaeval knights
They try to emulate.

Dust a little more chalk on,
Prepare the denim jerkin.
The serious pastime of theirs
Is dueling instead of working.

All prepared, their time has come
Together, back to back.
Facing each a formidable foe
Not courage do they lack!

Take ten steps, turn and fight
The referee says to them grimly.
Will each obey these simple rules?
Shannon looks on primly.

The squirt gun fires, and they’re off
In each other, their match is met.
For anticipating one another’s move
They each spin at their first step.

Arms are ablur, insults fly
Chalk dust fills the air.
Who will the final victor be?
Does anyone really care?

For hours they fought within the cloud
Whirling fast and furious.
All the bettors standing ‘round
Were getting rather curious.

And then there was a simultaneous oof!
Two bodies hit the floor.
When all the chalk dust settled down
Nat and Peter were no more.

All that was left of the two gladiators
Surprised even Mrs, McLure:
Two large piles of chalk dust
And two cleaned out erasers.

I was there, upon that day
Of such a shocking sight,
And to this day I’ve lost my bet
“Cause we don’t know who won the fight.

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