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Posted: April 20, 1987 in Poetry
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Rambo get your bazooka,
Schwarzenegger get your gun.
Someone’s out to get you;
I think your time has come.
He steps over large buildings,
Eats K-Mart for dinner.
All you guys are losers
‘Cause Godzilla is a winner!
Nuclear power plants
Are his favorite dish
He smirks at Charles Bronson
And thinks, rather “YOU wish”.
He breathes out nuclear waste
To him, it’s just like Scope.
Even with King Kong
Godzilla knows how to cope.
So who cares if it’s true
That his brain’s the size of a pea
Or that his IQ really is
The square root of three
I still get out of the way
When Godzilla walks on by
Because I’ll probably get stomped
And thus most likely die.