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Another Split Star

Posted: April 6, 1992 in Poetry
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I have always wanted a telescope
To drag to a high place to see a star
Or two, rubbing my cold hands together
And shivering with my breath down around
My shoulders, waiting for the chance to sight
A poet, Robert Frost and friend, themselves
Looking through their star-splitter for a glimpse
Of something magic, some merry treasure.

Imitations of Busin

Posted: March 30, 1992 in Poetry
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a cricket
gets eaten by my
black scorpion.

a cricket
wonders what Robert Frost
is doing.

a cricket
is waiting
for a blackbird.

a cricket
digests my poetry

a cricket
chirps loudly somewhere in
my dark room.

Rain Starry Forest

Posted: September 24, 1990 in Poetry
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I stood like Ezra Pound
in a wood like a tree and I listened
to things one normally does not see
when running pell-mell to get by
the forest true.
I was like Robert Frost
all because I reveled in the leaves
laid before me: deep, coarse, unleveled;
a road barely traveled by I
and a few.