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Cricket Machine

Posted: January 18, 2002 in Poetry
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It is cold in this basement
Cracks in the casement
Windows leak whatever warmth
To the suckling of the cold.
Share! Share creaks the air
Of that many mouthed night sky.
In a forest of bare breasted trees,
Their raiment mulching around their knees
Winds a path I build when I first got here
Now only walked by squirrels and deer
Within the house, but still below ground
Is that subtly comforting electronic sound
Of the magical cricket machine.

Imitations of Busin

Posted: March 30, 1992 in Poetry
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a cricket
gets eaten by my
black scorpion.

a cricket
wonders what Robert Frost
is doing.

a cricket
is waiting
for a blackbird.

a cricket
digests my poetry

a cricket
chirps loudly somewhere in
my dark room.