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Stony Summer Days

Posted: July 1, 1993 in Poetry
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I give myself the leniency
to sit and smoke beneath a tree
in fifteen minutes, a little break
from the summer school I choose to take.
I smoke with friends who’re in my class
from a little whorled pipe which I pass.
with smoky lungs and contented gaze
I stone them all with sunshine rays.

Two Ten Penny Nails

Posted: July 1, 1993 in Poetry
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I know that my heart rests while I slog
Through glaciered halls that know of no such frogs.
I tire and watch my halo and my wings;
They start to melt away like borrowed things.
The nails sunk through my heart like lovers’ frowns
Reach steely through the clouds into the ground
Below me where they drag out furrows that
Can chart my weaving course without a map.
As long as I can flutter through the days
Of filtered sunlight, jellied skies and haze,
I hope that somehow I can be rebuilt
To use these Cupid’s arrows well as stilts.

Tying Knots

Posted: July 1, 1993 in Poetry
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how is it that
you write and write
with so dull an instrument
as an everyday pen
and tie quick knots
in your letters
so that they stay
pinned to the page
like an insect collection?
when I steal
your butterfly net,
I am almost all thumbs;
I just get sweaty
and frustrated
watching things wriggle
their way off of my paper.