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Zambone Machine

Posted: May 6, 1993 in Poetry
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why do my dreams lay siege to me
as if I was a fortress of stone,
a dragon unconcerned with men’s matters,
a river who just picks up the bones
of foolish dreams who jump the chasm
and fall to drown in icy water,
for I move the other cliffside at will
at each new attempt I aim to kill
my aspirations if they’re too upsetting,
if they’ll move me into uncertainty:
the Zambone machine, I clear the ice
and sometimes the results are not so nice.

Drunken Opinion

Posted: May 6, 1993 in Poetry

I like my drunk poetry best
no matter what I say
when I’m dry and sober.

you know, the real emotions test
is being genuinely gay
when the damn day is over.


Posted: May 6, 1993 in Poetry

I want to spin the taps
on the faucets of your hair
and watch your tresses
flood the pillow here beside me.