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Saturday Matinee

Posted: April 24, 1993 in Poetry
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what are my admissions of guilt
even going to mean to you? nothing,
just words on a page – only I
will be fooled that it is some great testament
to poetic honesty,
something that will move somebody.
not likely – each one of you
has your own set of things to admit
to yourself – dole them out like movie tickets
but there’s no need for you to come
watch my Saturday matinee.

The Fall of Rome

Posted: April 24, 1993 in Poetry
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the decline of Rome was a beautiful thing:
around the Emperor you’d laugh and sing,
pasted on smiles over plenty of warning
while the city skyline is crimson with burning.
spinning like the gold of a fumbled coin,
maybe I’m ready to leave in the morning
but not tonight
while I’m this beautiful man…
I tell you these dreams are hourglass sand
and I won’t even fight
to keep all of this that you think is real;
it’s always been mine and it’s no big deal.
if Rome is burning, then that is fine,
I won’t lift a hand but to drink more wine.


Posted: April 24, 1993 in Poetry
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let go of my heart.
I don’t know
how you retained that part.
I thought I had cut
all of that sentiment out.
it seems like a Devil’s wart,
growing from the palm of my hand,
growing from the bottom of my foot,
growing like a tombstone from the center of my heart
regenerating and disgusting.