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Posted: March 23, 1987 in Poetry
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The mystical smoke entwined itself
Around the gnarled boles
Forming the legs of the vast giants
Which towered above the leafy floor
Of the timeless forest.
Eminating from three gold braziers
Intricately and craftily carved,
The mist and odor of incense
Wafted through the boughs
Of the ageless forest.
A leaf free triangle
Marked at each point by a bowl,
Set in the midst
Of a seemingly vast
And endless forest
A plaque is centered
Within this magical glyph
Untouched by nature or time,
Or mankind’s speculative laws,
Within the ancient forest.
Upon the plaque
Is written one simple word
Understandable by all
Bounded by nothing
Within the antique forest.

Nitrous Oxide

Posted: March 23, 1987 in Poetry
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Nitrous Oxide, Nitrous Oxide
N2O, N2O
Great hallucinogenic, great hallucinogenic
Fry brain cells
Fry brain cells

[sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques”]