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The Wind Goes Round

Posted: March 20, 1987 in Poetry
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The wind goes round and round the earth
Never slowing, never stopping
Seeing millions of people and millions of places
And rushing by, always in a hurry.
Always exhilarated and fresh, rejuvenated;
A harbinger of weather to come
Or a refreshing feeling, stirring the heat
Rounding the sphere we call home.
Moving, shifting, changing, revolving
Don’t you wish you could hitchhike?


Posted: March 20, 1987 in Poetry
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A wallet lay upon the ground
Should I return it to the Lost and Found?
Open it up, is there ID?
Visa and Mastercard! Oh lucky me!
One hundred in bills, non sequential.
A driver’s license – quite essential.
A bunch of pictures and gas receipts
A pair of tickets for ballet seats.
But alas, I am still in a bind
For this wallet I found still isn’t mine.
I know how stupid this may sound,
But I returned that wallet to the Lost and Found.