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Turtle Bear

Posted: September 5, 1992 in Poetry
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A bear stood and listened
to the two people.
then, he shook his loose hide
with a flapping noise,
like the wind through hanging laundry,
and turned and walked back into the forest,
having solved their problem.


Posted: January 28, 1992 in Poetry
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quality time with this animal:
Yugguy, rabbit and turtle combine,
transforming in the blink of an eye,
blowing bubbles through blue light bulbs
and the orange one in my reading light.
laughing quietly by myself
with all my animals.
he blows the bubbles well.

Untitled Poem #105

Posted: April 6, 1991 in Poetry
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in a quadrilateral
of liquid sunlight,
I snooze.
my eyelids are warm
and look orange
from inside.
the carpet
could maybe be sand
from a ferny beach
full of dinosaurs.
I am a big dragonfly.
I am a turtle.
I am a seed.