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Posted: March 23, 1993 in Poetry
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floating cold down a river
full of rocks and branches
on a little ring of rubber tubing –
it’s supposed 2 B lots of fun
but that’s where I got this bruise.
it still hurts;
I still limp.

Pinky Ring

Posted: April 17, 1991 in Poetry
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cold turquoise ring:
you break, my friend.
our journeys together
have just begun,
but I realize that you are old.
grandfather to father
to daughter to friend
and thence to see
more of the world
with your blue blue eye.

Eyeball Ring

Posted: February 14, 1991 in Poetry
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eyeball ring, wring my finger
with your quiet reminders
of the one who gave you to me
if I lose my sight, help me see.

Untitled Poem #10

Posted: June 24, 1987 in Poetry
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Little bird sitting on the windowsill
Why is it that you look so ill?
What is the matter? What is wrong?
You no longer brighten the day with song.
Your eyes are sad, your feathers ruffled
With what unwholesome beast have you scuffled?
Your spirit is broken, like your bent wing
The clear notes of your cry now have a dull ring
Dirt is matted, dust is caked
Blood on your shoulder where you’ve been raked.
With agonized heart, I search the sands
As this little bird’s life bleeds out through my hands.