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Here’s the backstory: currently on Facebook, it is all the rage to use your Notes application (read: blog) to write up 25 random facts about yourself, then “tag” 25 other people to make them have to do the same thing. Personally, I think that this was started by the Facebook people themselves as a way to introduce people / drive traffic to the Facebook blog functionality, and since my WP imports via RSS to FB, I figure I’d do it here so that people can get their fix and stop tagging me.

Original rules (as in, I didn’t write this schlock):

“Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)”

25 Random Things:

  1. I am a better human beat box than Justin Timberlake
  2. If you ask me what one word describes me best, I will always reply with “lucky”
  3. I still suffer from ADHD just like I did when I was a child, but I am better at masking it; I do wish, however, that my metabolism had kept up with the rest of the handicap
  4. I have always been in love with being in love, with music, with friendship, with my family, and with you
  5. I have been known to embellish a story or two, but usually it is due to my tendency to describe my friends and acquaintances as movie-worthy comic book heroes, which is born from a deep respect for their individuality
  6. I often wonder what would have happened if Monster Zero had accepted the gig to open up for No Doubt on their first West Coast Tour in the summer / fall of 1990
  7. I would be happy if I could just listen to music, select cool tracks, and play them at loud volume to interesting people all of the time
  8. For some reason, in some election I was not made aware of, I am the de facto communications hub for a bazillion people; you look up Murdoch if you want to randomly communicate with someone who you lost track of years ago, and somehow I have some sort of last known contact info
  9. Possibly the greatest thing I have ever done is the eulogy I gave Chris Feher after he died doing what he loved: rock climbing Half Dome in Yosemite by himself
  10. I hate children, especially babies, but apparently, they love Unkle Mike, and this fact never fails to humble me
  11. Speaking of luck, I was lucky enough to be adopted at birth by the best parents in the world — Diane and Gordon — and what I can piece together about my biological parents is pretty crazy: Mom was from Massachusetts, married, and had three other children, aged 8, 9. and 11 when I was born; her husband was NOT my father; she was short, Swedish, and had blond curly hair; my dad was an Italian steelworker, son of an immigrant shoemaker who woke up one day to find a note from his wife that she was leaving him and half of the closet was gone; Mom’s husband had a nervous breakdown and was committed; this explains a lot of what is running around in my genetic pool — don’t blame the Murdochs
  12. I am the best party liaison this side of Van Wilder
  13. I have three home-produced album to my name under various alter-egos (see Pus & Zero Boy) and one professionally released 12″ single called “Everybody” that I did with Grant Goad and Andres Mijangos
  14. I am still very proud of all the work I did to become an Eagle Scout
  15. I wrote poetry every day for almost 15 years; most of it is available — tagged and searchable even — on my WordPress blog; my current favorites are “Cellardweller“, “I, Ape“, and, of course, “Froggacuda
  16. I often wish that everyone else could hear the soundtrack and audio effects track that accompanies my life
  17. I am a pack rat, especially for things that provoke nostalgia; for example, I still have many of my childhood toys — Legos, Transformers, Micronauts, etc. — and a box full of the stuff I had pinned / nailed to the walls of my room when I was in high school, such as Fishbone ticket stubs, a referral from Coach T (R.I.P.), and extra pictures of hot chicks I had crushes on from Yearbook class
  18. I have always owned a “strange” pet as well as my beloved cats ever since Linda Nickel bought me my first Emperor scorpion; currently I have Tuonetar Mac Mordenkainen, who is the third Mexican Red-Knee tarantula in a long line of wonderful arachnids I have loved
  19. I don’t code Web 2.0 anywhere near as well as I did Web 1.0
  20. I love jackets; first and foremost is my ska-patched black jacket, which used to be a bomber, but out of all the clothing you can wear, nothing beats the right jacket for the right occasion or situation
  21. I have been a true (4 elements, y’all!) fan of hip hop ever since seeing the Sugar Hill Gang perform “Rapper’s Delight” live on Solid Gold 1979; this seminal moment changed my life forever
  22. There is nothing better in life than having a good conversation filled with enthusiasm, a meeting of the minds, and laughter
  23. Being rejected in junior high school by the popular white folks as a glasses-wearing, uncool, too-smart nerd has served me well; I have good friends and strong cultural ties to non-white communities who have accepted me for who I am from then until the present day; this is one of my greatest sources of pride and what makes me wince when I have to choose “caucasian” on “optional” survey information
  24. I love language, especially since the world is made of it (see the collected works of Terence McKenna), and I have a fierce propensity towards sesquipedalianism just because long, multisyllabic words sound cool and are sometimes the key to doing what Salt & Pepa, Madonna, and Dr Dre during his NWA tenure said best: expressing one’s self
  25. There is nothing I value more in life than my friends; they are the Desiderata of my happiness, the real value in social networking, and many times, the only reason that I keep on keeping on, because I can’t do it all for myself

There we are: 25 random things about me. Feedback — as always — is very welcome. Have at!

Acroyear ProFile

Posted: November 1, 1998 in Writing
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Born 12,646 years ago in the shadow of an eclipse, Acroyear Karza is the last son of the Karza dynasty. Killed in battle against the throngs of invaders from the North and East only three years after marrying Anastasia de la Cascada, Acroyear’s father Demian left the brunt of a dying Kingdom on Acroyear’s shoulders. At two years, Acroyear assumed the throne and was mercilessly manipulated by the advisors and relatives that his father had left behind. Acroyear adopted the policy of listening to everything and saying nothing.

Ten years later, the Kingdom was on the verge of extinction. The Orks who had continually assaulted the Elves because of their mutual racial hatreds had sacked the Kingdom repeatedly after the first conquest, bringing away women and children for their slave trade and riches for their coffers. Seven years ago, the Land had fallen to the conquistador Orks, and since then the government was a puppet, the advisors paid by horrendous taxes and Ork graft. Acroyear said nothing when he heard of his father’s death, nor did he speak for the time of occupation.

When the Orks finally turned their full attention to a resource-exhausted Kindom of Elves, there were none left. The ones that still remained were useless, spineless pawns of the Ork government, abandoned by their kinsfolk, but protected by the predatory Orks. Once again, nothing was said, but this time, the remaining Elves were dispatched.

Acroyear had watched too much happen to his people; his father’s blood of true nobility still ran through his veins, impassioning him — the honest form of any good Elf. After learning everything he could, and planning for years alongside his remaining family and those Elves who believed in their freedom, Acroyear led thousands of his people from their homeland and passed, through the aid of mighty magics and great entities, through a portal which led them to a new Land, one in which they could live in peace.
Hundreds of years passed, and Acroyear became a great leader, refusing to again start a royal dynasty, and instead implementing a form of government that responded well to the Elves’ natural inclinations. The more government by the people and the communities, the better. Acroyear spent years building a haven, not only for his people, but for Elves from across the Planes. Others were welcome as long as they existed in harmony with the Elves, the Kingdom and the Heavens.

Acroyear thus was able to remove himself from the public’s eye after thousands of years, becoming more and more auxiliary for the needs of the Kingdom. After hundreds of adventures and intrigues, from wars to exploration, Acroyear has slipped away from his Kingdom in order to follow the true adventures of a lone warrior and magician: alone and afraid.

Standing 5’ 4” tall, Baron Acroyear Karza has black die-cast mithril plate mail, which adheres tightly and flexibly to his slim Elf frame. His weapon of choice is an ultra-light broad shortsword, also made of die-cast mithril, matching the dagger that sometimes graces his off-hand. His helm is winged and expressionless, shiny gold and somewhat like a crown. Acroyear wears the Karza dynasty hunting cloak, made of a red colored flexible aluminum foil-like material which never rips nor is pierced, and always seems to have a breeze in it. He also carries his father’s lightsaber, but uses it only in emergencies, because that takes all the fun out of things.

Acroyear is quiet and solitary, but welcomes company when it is sincere and in need of him. He never wants to seem like the celebrity he really is; his years of service to his people has rid him of every desire to be obtrusive in pleasant company. He enjoys exploring and reading or “researching” as he smilingly calls it. He is the Imperious Leader of a group of interstellar heroes known only as “The Micronauts”, powerful creatures and machines from the 7th Dimension.