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Melanicus by Phone

Posted: December 27, 1990 in Poetry
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Yes, Melanicus came to me
With a hacksaw and my jugular vein
He said that these belonged to me
Then smiled and said my girlfriend
Kissed him just last night.
First I said thank you for my hacksaw
And apologized for his neck wound
Second, I offered him a needle and thread;
He said “I’m fine, I have already bled”.
Then I took my jugular back
Replaced the lead pipe I was using
He offered me a rusty straight razor blade
I acquiesced politely with the flourish I made
Third I said she had already told me
About your dimension adventures in the roof of your mouth
I know you back from the 24th of September
1971 – you’re my father, remember?

Untitled Poem #1

Posted: April 9, 1987 in Poetry
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There are cobwebs
In my brain
I shall never
Be the same
Put a bag
On my head
And shoot me, please
Full of lead.
This here poem
Is a recital
That is why
It is untitled.