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Untitled Poem #2002

Posted: January 11, 2002 in Poetry
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My freedom is a burden; I have no direction
Automaton, I am missing vital instructions.
I think I know just what I must do
But I cannot seem to pull myself through
This wasteland of broken mirror shards,
A painting I thought I had painted so hard
That the quality was enough to last a while
But I hear the click of the statistics turnstile.
I hear those close freed by this decision
An am thankful that they withheld their derision.

Re-opened for Business

Posted: May 27, 1997 in Poetry
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Re-opened for business
Because I need someone to talk to;
An understanding: me and pen and paper.
These are my lists of things to do;
Poems, non-linear and creative.
The multiples of me
Will from here on be referred to as “we”.
We are, and we care what happens
To us, the firm, the fundament.
Something let loose
A dropped leash, slipped the collar,
And now we weigh:
Freedom versus security.
ADD is like myopia –
It is naturally difficult to see
What we think
Is best

Untitled Poem #140

Posted: December 26, 1992 in Poetry
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A Dog looked up
at a Crow; to fly
would be freedom.
A Crow looked down
on a Dog; to love
would be freedom.
A Man looked between
the two; to understand
would be freedom.