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Egg Drop

Posted: July 27, 1991 in Poetry
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a man
dropped the egg
he was carrying
on the sidewalk,
and it broke.
the yolk was green.
he knelt down
to look closer at it,
and it ate him.
“Ha ha ha!” it lurked
back into its
broken shell.

You Really Should

Posted: May 9, 1991 in Poetry
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I am here to waste your time.
come: step into my world of castles,
Legos, action figures, Transformers, things
only found in active imaginations
caged in flesh, hair, and bone.
come. follow me through idle dreams.
I am here to waste your time.

I am here to slap you with lightning.
a candy bar you know you want to eat.
never let yourself never let your S-E-L-F.
I am here to tell you what I see.
I dream. I feel. I want to tell you:
waste your time; it’s yours to waste.
I am here to waste your time.

startled, surprised: it’s fun!
it’s good, so sharp, like biting your tongue.
get drunk on it, spin it around,
waste your time or don’t then.
listen to it with the volume way up.

relax. I am here to let you play my Nintendo.
yes you can. you deserve it.
you can do what you want; run naked.
make a mess. run me over with a lawnmower.
give me a big kiss. eat all of those cookies.
I am here to help you
waste your time.

One Car

Posted: April 5, 1991 in Poetry
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one car, parked.
in it: no one.
hunched over, coiled,
looking at me;
it grins:
“I could eat you”.