Laid Back

Posted: February 3, 1994 in Poetry
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Sometimes I get loose on the mike
I got juice and I might
take a hike to the store
for some more Mickey’s Hornets.
Sure, let’s get real funny, honey;
meet me at Johnny’s.
You can play the wall, stand tall,
sink the 8 ball.
Ducats is what I’m wantin’
someone’s up to somethin’
I can hear them comin’.
Tough like a Toughskin
ramblin’ like James Joyce
listen to the B-Boys
pumpin’ from my Rolls Royce.
I don’t give a fuck
if it’s funky or not;
I drop my lyrics and it makes
the spot hip-hop nonstop.
No blades ‘cause I kill with a ballpoint pen
my vocal slice ‘n dice cuts like a shuriken.
I’m laid back on the track
it’s so thick I put my feet up;
I can kick your ass
with a styrofoam cup.

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